Like a musician creates an album from songs, I create photo stories from my photographs. Photo stories are regular documentations of shoots and projects I'm working on. Curating my photographs into stories allows me to create a more cohesive narrative. Check one out at the link below.


I've always ached to hear the stories behind my favorite photos. To hear what inspired a certain album cover. To hear what challenges were faced in creating a tear jerking music video. Every artist has their own process and story behind their work. That's why I started the AV Project podcast. A podcast on the intersection of visual arts and music. Listen by clicking that button below.


It started as I was picking at my decrepit salad one night in the college dining hall. I had a sudden urge to write about a song that had been on my mind. So I pulled out my phone and began typing. I began stepping up my caption game on social media, then began writing on Medium. You can see some of those articles by clicking below.


I have a lot of photos that don't go anywhere. They don't go to clients, or my website. But they do find their way onto your walls. And your happy to look at it each day. Because it brings you a bit of peace. Go get yourself a print at the link below.

Let's Work Together.

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