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I'm a photographer (among other things) in the constant pursuit to blur the line between my photographs and my life.

I work with a wide range of creative and professional clients to tell stories and evoke emotion.

I am the host of the AV Project, a podcast at the crossroads of visual arts and music.

My passions lie in photography, music, and the environment. On any given day you can find me outside on a hike, skiing, playing with my band, heading to a concert, all with a my trusty camera around my neck.

I spend most of my time in Burlington, Vermont though I am a nomad when duty calls.

How can I help you? Get in touch and let's chat:


Otis Mountain Get Down / Ben & Jerry's / Foam Brewers / Higher Ground / Nectar's /

Brook's Brothers / Grayer's / Courtney Marie Andrews / Madison Cunningham / Phish's Waterwheel Foundation /

United States Geological Survey / North By South Records / HotelVT / Stowe Cider /

Ski The East / Vermont Small Business Development Center / Slow Process / Nectar's / Tank Recording Studio / Local Maverick / The Essex Experience / Bird Song Festival / & many more



Annamarie Gavin, Creative Director, LONDONmiddlebury - Ben was very easy to work with. The photos he took for me turned out excellent and I enjoyed meeting and talking with Ben while he worked. I was so pleased with my session and final photographs and I look forward to using Ben on future projects! 


Sam Zollman, Founder, Slow Process - I’ve worked with Ben on two separate collections with two very different aesthetic approaches, and he nailed both of them. He gives great direction, incorporates feedback seamlessly, and his awareness of the space makes it really easy to trust that the end result captures the vision I was looking for.


Zach Nugent, Guitarist, Jerry Garcia Band - In my time on the road I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of top notch photographers. As a performing musician, there’s someone with a camera present almost every time I clock in. Ben’s ability to capture crisp, high quality photos in a challenging concert environment whilst delivering creative, artistic, unique, and most of all useful shot after shot is matched by few. His post production is quick and professional, he’s extremely responsive, and above all is a fantastic person who I’m honored to support.


Devin Quinn, Marketing Manager, Stowe Cider - Ben is incredibly dependable and easy to communicate with. He was our go-to creative for all of our major events, capturing a treasure trove of media for us that has been useful across social, hard copy assets, digital campaigns, and PR kits. We'd recommend working with Ben if you're looking for a self-starter who can work independently and still achieve the vision you set for a project. He's already proven to our team countless time's that he "gets it", and is very open to constructive back and forth feedback. He delivers top-shelf assets and has always met his deadlines, bottom line is he's a wonderful professional to work with.


Ali McGuirk, Musician - Ben is an amazing photographer, human and overall artist. One shoot with him and I’ve been set for promo for the whole year. Even using his shot for the cover of my upcoming album. I trust Ben to get a beautiful picture in any context because his passion is strong and the skill is clearly there.


Ryan Nakkleh, Founder, Local Maverick - Ben Collins is a professional, caring, and an all-around amazing photographer to work with. His photos are always beautifully edited, crafted, and he puts lots of care into his photos. He is punctual, reliable, and genuine.  We highly recommend booking him to work with you!


Eric Segalstad, Producer, Sabi Sound - I worked with Ben on a set of shots from Sabi Sound, my recording studio in Colchester, Vermont. Ben is an easy going guy, curious to learn about his subjects, and was eager and flexible to work with.The space here is really vibey and inspiring for musicians. I had the lights down fairly low and instead of asking for more light, Ben went with the limitations and created a set of unique and gritty images. The shots convey energy, passion, and a great sense of space.I plan on hiring Ben again for future recording sessions. Bands and artists are often into documenting how their album was made.

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