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I'm a photographer (among other things) based in Burlington, Vermont and Duxbury, Massachusetts.

I work with a wide range of creative and professional clients to tell stories and capture emotion.

I am the host of the AV Project, a podcast at the crossroads of visual arts and music.

My passions lie in photography, music, and the environment. On any given day you can find me outside on a hike, skiing, playing with my band, heading to a concert, all with a my trusty camera around my neck.

How can I help you? Get in touch and let's chat: ben@benmcollins.com






Q. Are you available for headshots and company photos? 


A. Absolutely, send me an email at ben@benmcollins.com

Q. I'm a manager and there's a band coming through town tomorrow night. Any chance you can get there on such short notice to shoot the show?


A. The answer is most likely yes. Give me a call (leave a voicemail) or send me a text to reach me quickly at (781) 733-1094.

Q. Do you work with non profits?

A. Absolutely. I'll often times do pro-bono work with non-profits (depending on availability). Send me an email and we'll figure something out!

Q. What are you working on now?

A. I'm always working on multiple projects but I have one that's really exciting me right now... and here's a hint... it involves a lot of paper and a lot of photographs...


Let's Work Together.

Burlington, VT

Duxbury, MA

ben@benmcollins.com  |  (781) 733-1094

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Me at Paradise Rock Club