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A soundtrack to your photography

Where does photography, climate change, and music converge?

Besides my passions on a day to day basis... Trent Parke created a project that brings awareness to climate change. The project consists of sunrise photos above an industrial district in Australia.

I love the project for what it is. The colors in the photograph are vibrant and out of this world. The style of photography, yet, is like Parke’s other work. It’s down to earth, organic, and raw. The mesh between the two aspects is jarring but beautiful, and it works. It works damn well. Really really well...

What got me excited about this project was when Parke mentioned how he treats his projects like a film. Like with every film, Parke picks a soundtrack. This soundtrack creates a sort of world that he can put himself into.

His choice, for this project, was Hans Zimmer.

When you look at these photographs alongside Hans Zimmer's work, they're perfect.

They mesh so well with one another. They enhance each other.

Next time you photograph something, try and pick soundtrack for it. Piecing together different mediums of art can open up new pathways and create something beautiful.

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