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  • Benjamin Collins

To Dream In Photographs

Eyes half open, I fumble for my notebook, trying to find it in the dim light that leaks into my room from the streetlamp. One word keeps running through my mind: string.

The idea for this photoshoot came to me in a dream a couple weeks ago. I woke up the next day, picked up the phone and texted my friend, Charlie Buckles, to see if she was interested in making the idea happen. We booked the shoot and I headed off to Michael's to grab the $1 ball of string necessary.

A few simple knots and loops later, we started off the shoot and quickly began experimenting with different poses and shutter speeds to create some movement in the image.

I constantly kept adjusting the shutter speed, trying to find the sweet spot between blur and still. Some photos worked amazing with low shutter speed, like a spinning carousel. Others required that still sharpness in order to see the detail.

Charlie was wearing light purple pants and in color grading, I decided to run with that a bit. For the color photos, I turned the shadows a slight purple cast in order to create a monotone feel. Following suit, I felt the highlights could use a bit of light blue, creating even more of a monotone pallet.

To dream in photographs was an incredible experience, but to be able to wake up and make the vision come true in real life was even more incredible.

By Ben M. Collins

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