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This one thing will improve your photography...

What's the best thing you can do for your photography?

Hint, it's not photography. (Well… it is… but for the sake of this article, just pretend it’s not.)

Recently after every shoot, I've been picking up the ol' paper and pen and jotting down some thoughts. I answer a few questions about the process of the shoot, the photos I took, and what could've gone better.

I've created a simple Google Doc template that you can use to reflect on your shoot. It'll give you insight into who your subject is, what you thought about your own photographs, and what you could’ve done better.

Surprisingly, I even found it helped me learn about myself. It’s a great tool to help you find your style. I've included an example from one of my recent shoots with musician Tom Pearo as well.

Click here to access the template

Happy writing!

By Ben M. Collins

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