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  • Benjamin Collins

Pink Talking Fish - A Genius and Incredible Fusion

The building blocks are there, you just gotta assemble them!

This concept is something I've thought about a lot since photographing Pink Talking Fish at my ol' stomping grounds, Higher Ground, on Friday night. Sometimes all you need to do is combine a few things that people love, and see the end result formulate into something unique, energetic, and dynamic.

The PTF show was one of the best shows I've seen. It was interesting to see music from bands people love reworked together into a tapestry of sound and transitions between songs. There's the familiarity to draw people in, the guessing game of what is coming next to keep the audience hooked, and then the musicianship to bring it all home and leave folks satisfied and stoked.

How will you assemble your building blocks?

Special thanks to Cal Kehoe for inviting me out.

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Cal Kehoe

Eric Gould

Zack Burwick

Richard James

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