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Momtrepreneurship with Jenna Sereni

Amazing human beings require quality content to fully deliver the impact their story brings. Such is the case with Jenna Sereni, a bad ass entrepreneur, running her own tech startup, while also managing life as a mother to her son. Jenna’s days are filled with love and care for her young Stone, alongside a burning passion and drive to build and grow her application designed for mothers, HandsDown.

When Jenna and I got talking about doing some brand photography for her online presence, we spoke about going beyond the standard tech startup imagery. Beyond the overdone “coffee at your desk”, “meetings in the conference room”, “smiles in a sunny office”, tropes of personal brand photography.

Jenna wanted to show more of her life. Each day, Jenna wakes up and fights the forces of nature through building a rapidly growing tech startup and raising a young son. These elements of her life make up her story, especially as an entrepreneur building an app for mothers. Zoom meetings while picking up magnetic building toys, connecting with mothers and their needs in her application, traveling here and there for a tech accelerator or in her role at the Female Founders Collective with a toddler in tow. Why shy away from showing her true life? It only serves to better connect her with her audience of mothers and show her investors and partners that she is the person to lead a mother-focused startup. She’s living the life. She gets it.

Jenna builds her brand on social media through deploying highly effective and engaging photography to connect with her audience of mothers, investors, partners, and her own employees. Through Jenna’s online presence, she has established herself as a thought leader and icon of an entrepreneurial mother.

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