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Happy Little Accidents In Photography (The Story of my 3rd Single Cover)

Updated: Jan 8

'Far Too Fast' Cover - Surfliner

A dark room, very little lighting, and fast moving subjects are generally not conducive to photography. There’s a certain level of light required to capture a sharp image as the shutter speed of the camera needs to reach a certain speed (read more about that here.) Little did I know that these conditions would lead to a photo that would become my second single cover for Surfliner.

Surfliner was playing one of their last shows of the summer at Green Harbor Golf Course. It was a small, DIY show that was full of locals of all ages coming to support a band that had just come off of playing their first major festival and releasing a new single ('Nowhere to Go'). At a point in the show, Sam (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) wandered out into the audience mid song and joined some friends of the band in the front row of dancers. Seeing this, I moved up to where I could get a good shot and quickly snapped a photo, attempting to get the shutter speed as high as I could in order to catch a sharp photo.

I’m very glad it was too dark in there to make that happen. What ended up happening is as the famous painter Bob Ross would say, a “happy little accident.” A photo where Sam is duplicated with blurred faces of friends and fans behind him. The photo feels abstract without context.

For what it is, the photo has a story of its own, capturing what it was like to be in that dark room, surrounded by friends listening and playing great music at the end of summer. When Tyler and Sam chose this photo for their new single, it gained further life and relevance in theirs, and others’, minds by including is as the cover. With a slight accentuation of purple and green on top by Tyler, the photo represents and reflects the new direction Surfliner is heading in through the release of this single.

I’m honored once again to have my photo chosen for another one of their covers. After all, shooting the cover for their first single, ‘Nowhere To Go’ this summer was such a great experience and the reason I started shooting more music, concerts, and portraits.

'Nowhere To Go' Cover - Surfliner

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