• Benjamin Collins

Forget about me, please.

Shouts echo across the field. I hear footsteps approaching. Closer, closer, closer, gone.

They didn't see me.

I lie, hidden in plain sight in a lacrosse net. Silent and still.

As a kid, my friends and I would play manhunt nearly every night. Manhunt is a game where silence and stealth is key. One team hides, the other seeks. When the hiding players get tagged, they're taken to jail where their teammates have to break them out.

My trick was always to hide in plain sight. Others would climb trees, hide in bushes, in sheds. For me, I would lie down in the grass, about 25 yards from the other team, and wait. They almost always just ran right past me.

Funny how the lessons you learn in games carry over to work.

I've been in the studio with musicians a handful of times now. As a photographer, my job is to sit back and not do anything that would bring attention to myself.

"Oh!", producers exclaim. "I forgot you were here!"

I take it as a compliment.

Forget about me, please.

So much of music photography, or photography in general, is about staying hidden and out of people's way. No one wants to hear the shutter of a camera pointed at them 24/7. The trick is to sit around and snap a quick moment here and there. Unsuspecting, honest, real, and open.

It is especially critical in the studio. The studio is where artists go to work. Where they need to focus and listen, hearing every little detail of the song. This is where they construct something that will play in the ears of thousands and define their career.

You CANNOT interfere with that.

Your job is to be forgettable. That is the only way you will create unforgettable photographs.

I would rather have people remember my work, than remember me.

By Ben M. Collins

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