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  • Benjamin Collins

Balancing location and subject in photography

Lessons from a shoot with a musician, Eric George.

Burlington Musician and Guitarist Eric George at his home

"Can I have you lean against that post?"

Burlington Musician and Guitarist Eric George at his home

"Move your head a little this way?"

When I'm photographing someone, oftentimes the commands I give are to help them fit into the environment better. In this photo for example, the bike spokes intersected Eric's head. It looked messy and cluttered.. Having Eric lean his head a little to the left allowed for a clean background without distractions. The bikes additionally helped to draw the eye of the viewer to Eric by creating a frame that he could sit in.


Back Porch

Throughout my shoot with Eric, I spent a lot of the time trying to balance the busy location with blank walls. Using elements of the space in the foreground and background helped to give a full sense of the location without distracting from the subject of the photos, Eric.

By Ben M. Collins

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