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Pure Inspiration - DIE The Monk and 'The Beauty Complex'

If I can describe Sebastien in one word , it would be pure inspiration.

Wait that's two... oh well.

While his music may not be the same music that I go to on a daily basis to carry me through the day, I find myself feeling energized and excited to create every time I hear it.

Photographing with him (and also his band Pons this week) was freeing. Felt like I was able to push some boundaries and break some barriers I had never before.

With these photographs, I tried to manifest and represent the themes of the album. Theme's Sebastien described to me as relationships, attraction. Theme's I derived as connection, acceptance.

I recommend you go check out his new album, 'The Beauty Complex'. I've had it playing all morning, giving me that creative energy boost I usually only get with my coffee.

Or click here to stream 'The Beauty Complex'

By Ben M. Collins

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