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  • Benjamin Collins

Have you ever heard 'Ever Heard Sweet as Lilies?'

Conscious and creative. Organic and natural. Intimate and REAL. Man, I haven't been hit by music in this sort of way in a minute. And by this sort of way, I mean intimate and closer - and not well produced. I hope my new friend Ben does not take this as a dig, as he knows I appreciate his music immensely. You can feel Ben’s kind, gentle soul coming through in his music. No bars on the door. No deadbolt. No lock. This is a "wave at you from the window and motion you to come on inside'' kinda album. Then, once you're inside, it's a GORGEOUS journey through homemade songs that taste as sweet as ice cream on a summer day. Refreshing, and tasty. 'Ever Heard Sweet as Lilies?" has the feel of an old friend singing his goddamn heart out, while you sit in the other room with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Despite our shoot being in 10 degree weather and our hands freezing, I had a f*ckin hell of a time shooting with Ben and I can't wait to do it again and spend more time with him. So much fun. Thanks for showing me an awesome little spot around Burlington and for inspiring me to go create!

I recommend you go check out his new album, 'Eever Heard Sweet As Lilies?'. I've been throwing it on many mornings this sunny December, goes great with coffee!

Or click here to stream 'Ever Heard Sweet as Lilies?'

By Ben M. Collins

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