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How to Release an Album

THE BEST WAY TO RELEASE AN ALBUM... with a concert with the best bands in Burlington. All in one room. In one night. On the day they released their album, Bleach Day along with hope all is well held an album release concert at Burlington City Arts with J Bengoy, The Dead Shakers, and Amelia Devoid


This show was my first exposition to this incredibly tight knit music scene in Burlington. I was thankful to be welcomed with warm arms by passionate people.


At the end of the night, after the show, I was able to steal Bleach Day away for a quick photo in the backroom. Surrounded by beautiful art, we snapped a couple quick photos then headed back to finish packing up all the gear.

Photography by Ben M. Collins shot for the music publication, hope all is well. March 2020.

By Ben M. Collins

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