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  • Benjamin Collins

The Art of Screaming in Harmony

A photo of the band Pons in Burlington Vermont taken by Photographer Ben M. Collins as part of the Burlington Music Scene Project
Pons the Band - Burlington Vermont

The only experience I have had with Pons before this photoshoot was in a basement full of people. So full of people you couldn't move an inch. Sweaty bodies piling on top of each other as drummers wailed on the skins and the guitar screeched through the bodies and bounced off the concrete walls. The art of screaming in harmony. Ah.... the Burlington Music Scene before the pandemic... What a time.

It wasn't for everyone. On certain nights, it left people wondering how these guys have the energy to stand it. Where do they come up with these ideas. But for most, the pure addictive energy of moshing with a hundred other college students, all in perfect harmony working through our stress and emotions. For most of us we need something like that to let it all out. I was incredibly interested, after seeing Pons in the basement setting, to have the chance to get to know them off the stage. And let me tell you, they are the nicest bunch of dudes I’ve met. Damn did I have a good time photographing with them. Even despite the paralyzing cold of Burlington, we still came away with some great photos.

Pons has got a new live album out and it brings a bit of that basement-mosh vibe into your neat and tidy apartment, so go check it out now!

Or click here to stream 'Bird and Boy (LIVE)'

By Ben M. Collins

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