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3 Things - December 29th, 2020

'3 Things I've Seen and Heard' is a weekly round up of my inspiration for the week. I draw my biggest inspirations from photographs, paintings, films, music, interview, and most importantly, life. Here's where I try to share that with you, so that maybe you can get a view into my brain, see where I'm coming from, and also find things that inspire you.

3 Things I've Seen

1. Richard Mosse

Aesthetics and art is a funny topic. In fact, Tyler Wyatt and I talk about it on this episode of the Surfliner podcast, but Richard Mosse is a master of using aesthetics to get people in the door. The pinks and incredible colors of the infrared film draw the eye in. They spark curiosity. Then, you're hit with the contents of the photographs. War, famine, thousands of people living in an inhumane way of life. Aesthetics in art. Of course the pink serves a greater purpose - you can read more about that if you dive into Richard Mosse's work. Amazing content.

2. Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith. Wow. Did you know all these photos were taken after 1970? Ya, I didn't either. The MASTER of creating compelling photos and translating what exists in his head onto the negative.

3. Long Strange Trip

I haven't binged a show in a long time. I did this. Wow.

3 Things I've Heard

1. The Tallest Man On Earth ‘Light In Demos’ Series

The Tallest Man On Earth ‘Light In Demos’ Series could balance between "Seen" and "Heard". As one of my favorite artists of all time, and one of my favorite video series of all time, I constantly go back to this series. 'Both sides Now' might be the best thing I've ever heard in my life. Every time I watch these videos, something new comes to me, something that gets me excited about life and everything in it. Even the rough parts...

2. Rodriguez

Rodriguez has been my go-to editing music. It takes a lot to make it to that area of my workflow. In editing is where I discover my photos and Rodriguez has been right alongside me in that process. 'nough said.

3. 'Looks Like Rain' 10/10/1982 - Frost Ampitheatre

I've also been on a Grateful Dead kick. I've started to hear jokes about how I'm a dead head from friends. Well,... how could you not be when you hear music this good… This version of 'Looks Like Rain’ from 1982 is incredible. Bob weir cried during one of the lines, and it just goes to show that no matter how often you play a song, even if you wrote it years ago, your own art can affect you in ways you're not expecting.

By Ben M. Collins

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