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3 Things - December 1st, 2020

'3 Things I've Seen and Heard' is a weekly round up of my inspiration for the week. I draw my biggest inspirations from photographs, paintings, films, music, interview, and most importantly, life. Here's where I try to share that with you, so that maybe you can get a view into my brain, see where I'm coming from, and also find things that inspire you.

3 Things I've Seen

1. Visvim - Hiroki Nakamura

If there is one person who has fueled my interest in fashion and bringing aesthetics into every day life, it's Hiroki Nakamura.

2. John Mayer

I'm continuing with the fashion theme this week. It's really taken over my life a bit, I really enjoy looking at it and I've begun the process of getting into fashion photography. Stay tuned. To that effect, John Mayer is next on my list of inspirations here.

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Continuing with the fashion theme, here's someone not at all known for their fashion choices but is inspirational nonetheless...

3 Things I've Heard

1. The Black Keys on the Joe Rogan Experience

4 hours in the car ride can give you time to listen to something you normally don't get to. It also gives you time to think when you don't normally get to. One thing that stuck with me from the Black Keys' interview with Joe Rogan was their discussion about infinite timelines - every decision you make creates different timelines in alternate universes or realities. It has changed the way I've looked at photography for sure, and I've been playing the game of looking at the subjects in my photos as myself, just in an alternate universe.

2. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny

SRV successfully injected the romantic back into me with this song, and the story behind it. When someone you love does something nice for you, stay up all night writing a song to say thanks, then play it at every show in tribute to them.

3. Paul McCartney - McCartney

You can be one of the greatest musicians in the world, but your art doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to sound polished. It doesn't have to look polished. It can come from the deepest place inside you and that's okay to put out into the world.

By Ben M. Collins

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