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Burlington Music Scene

In March of 2020 I began a project photographing Burlington/Vermont based musicians in concert, portrait, and at work. The project began as a way to introduce myself to incredible musicians and the people who make the music scene function in Vermont. Upon introduction to the Burlington music scene, I was struck by the interconnection of musicians in the city. One musician will play in three bands while running their own solo projects. It really inspired me.

Immediately after beginning the project, the Coronavirus pandemic struck Vermont and I, being a college student, was sent home to Massachusetts. Returning to Vermont in June of 2020 brought me into a drastically different music scene than when I left. A scene that lacked inspiration and connection among musicians.

As I began to reach out to musicians to photograph, another narrative appeared through the project. My photographs were met with “thank yous” from musicians and followers through my social media channels. I felt the project begin to gain power as a connection and inspiration tool. I seek to continue to connect and document the Vermont music scene throughout the next year and a half. My hope is to close the project with a gallery that displays the amazing people that make up the Burlington music scene and how they handled the Coronovirus pandemic and its damaging effects on the music industry.

Contact Info

Burlington, VT  |  (781) 733-1094

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